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 Featured: Toyota Tundra Double Cab Hot In Used Car Market.

Toyota Tundra Double Cab, Power, Space and Style.
By: Chris Smith

The Toyota Tundra DoubleCab is the latest in a long line of solid full-size trucks by Toyota. Although very similar to the Toyota Tundra Access Cab, it boast a handfull of new features and dimensions that differentiate the two greatly.(Photos top/down: Tundra side, interior, dash, front view)

The Double Cab is just that, double the cab that you get in most full-size trucks. It has room for 3 grown adults in the back (5 total) with significant legroom and a seat angle that won't make you feel like you are sitting against a wall. There is a fold down armrest with cupholder that can be used with 1 or 2 rear passengers along with full window and door controls as well. One feature not found on most trucks is the rear-sliding window which is nice, except for when the bed is littered in debris (then your cab will be too). Nevertheless its great for clearing out a steamy cab in the summer. Overall interior dimensions are as good or better than any of the 4-door trucks, but it doesn't feel like you are driving a semi. A larger and deeper bed is the by product of an overall increase in height of the truck with the wheel wells being far less noticeable when bed is full.

Gas is always a concern with larger trucks, but it is comparable getting around 15 to 17mpg city and 19mpg highway. We loved the overall drive of this vehicle and the design. We ranked it best in appearance of all those in its class. You can get a base model for around $26,220, but plan of paying around $29,000 with your standard tow package, etc.. Our rating of this vehicle was on overwhelming 9 out of 10. This truck will give you your moneys worth in power, looks, reliability and comfort.

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