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Helpful Tips for Pricing Your Used Car to Sell Online.

* A sample of prices taken from a search on AutoHopper shows that simply lowering your price from $13,500 to $13,499 will put your used car ad ahead of 8 others when buyers sort by price.
Pricing your used car to sell online.
One important thing to remember when selling your used car online is to price it competitively. Most people looking to buy a car online have access to many vehicles for sale, and many car prices from which to compare. Most people simply list their used car at its book value and their buyer response suffers because of it.

What is the book price of my used car?
The book price of your car may also be referred to as any of the following: black book price, blue book price, book value, KBB price, NADA price, or Edmunds price. All of these mean the same thing, but may vary slightly. These are pricing guidelines established for most all used cars, used by dealerships and private-sellers alike. Some actually publish a book and most all have online pricing.

How do I determine the price of my used car?
To determine the price of your used car, go to any of the following websites:
Keley Blue Book -
Edmunds -

You are looking for the Private Party Value of your car. This is an estimate of the price you should expect to receive when selling your used car to another individual.

How should I price my car according to the book value?
This is always a tricky one. Price your car at book value or higher, if your car is in high demand, hard to find, or uniquely customized. If your car is fairly popular and there are many for sale like it, then you should probably price the car slightly below its book value. Remember that everyone has access to online car prices and most car sellers use these to find their asking price. You want to set your ad apart from all of your competition. View the Top Selling Used Cars on AutoHopper »

The old "99" trick works when pricing your car.
No matter how you look at it, $499 is more attractive than $500. Not only does it seem like less money, it allows your ad to show up closer to the top of searches that are typically ordered by price. Knocking a few hundred dollars off of your asking price may put your vehicle ahead of others just like it and make it more attractive to car buyers.

Adjust your price with the rate of response from buyers.
Last but not least, keep an eye on your classified ad. If you are not receiving any inquiries from interested buyers, then you may want to lower your price.

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