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What do I need to sell my used car online?  
Basic Information About Your Used Car.
The first step to selling your used car online is to get all of the standard information about your vehicle. This includes the basics like Year, Make and Model, as well as Options, VIN, Mileage and History etc.
A Quality Photo Of Your Used Car.
Although photos are not required for listing vehicles for sale online, they greatly benefit both the car buyer and seller. Listings with photos have a far greater chance of being noticed quickly, thus decreasing your selling time. Multiple photos are nice, but one good photo usually is sufficient.
Your Location and Contact Information.
Provide an email address if you have one and a primary and secondary phone number. The easier you are to reach, the more inquiries you will receive. If you live in a rural area bordering a big city, consider making your primary selling location the larger city. There are more car buyers searching in big cities; therefore, your car is more likely to be found.
  Sell My Car Checklist.
All of the information you need to create a successful online ad is detailed in this printable checklist.

  List Your Car For Sale.
Fully Detailed Listing
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Why choose to sell my car?

Additional Tips For Selling Your Used Car Online  
  How Do You Price Your Used Car?
Use a trusted site like Kelley Blue Book, or NADA to get an accurate ballpark of what your used car is worth. Next determine what you are willing to accept for the car. If your used car is worth $10,000 and you are willing to accept $9000, shoot to price your vehicle lower. It does eliminate some of the negotiating, but your used car will be more attractive to car buyers, thus incouraging them to contact you. If you are competing with a few similar vehicles a buyer may contact you first because of the lower price. In the end you may end up selling your car at the price your competition would have settled for.

Remember: Car buyers are most likely using the same pricing websites that you use in setting the price of your vehicle. If you are near, or lower than the price they have, your used car is that much more appealing. This decreases the time it takes to sell your used car.
  Additional Comments Can Help Describe Your Car.
We can't stress enough how important additional comments are to creating a successful online advertisement for your used car. If you provide a concise list of all of the available features of your used car, your vehicle is that much more appealing. These features include things that may not be a part of a standard option lists such as: specialty tires and wheels, brand of stereo/speakers, electronic/ heated seats, tow package information, gas mileage, passenger room, how well the car drives etc. This may also be a good place to add comments like: "Great commuter car", "Dependable work truck", "Plenty of room for kids, groceries and pet", etc.

Remember: Put yourself in the position of the car buyer. What are some of the things you would look for when buying a particular used car. Describe these things to the buyer in your additional comments.

  Where Do You Sell Your Used Car Online?
Choose a site to sell your used car wisely. Ask yourself a few questions, "Would I purchase a used car from this site?", "Does this site look reputable?", "How many car ads are on this site?". Chances are that if a used car website has a lot of vehicles for sale and is easy to use, more car buyers will visit it.
  Stop Competing With Auto Dealerships. specializes in selling private party used cars. We do not maintain relationships that allow dealerships to display their inventory on our website. We feel that this gives our customer a competitive edge over that of dealership affiliated used car websites.
  Sell My Used Car Online Now!  


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